Giant Beer Battered Onion Rings

Giant formed onion rings with a crispy beer battered coating.

Preparation advice

Prepare the product from frozen.

  • Oven 200 °C 12-17 minutes
  • Airfryer 180 °C 6-8 minutes
  • Deep-fryer 175 °C 2-3 minutes

Do not refreeze after defrosting.


Onion (52.0%), batter (15.4%) (wheat flour, corn flour, thickeners: acetylated starch (E1420); oxidised starch (E1404), sugar, salt, potato dextrin, raising agents: diphosphates (E450); sodium carbonates (E500), hop extract, dextrose, wheat dextrose, maiz dextrose, maltodextrin, stabiliser: guar gum (E412), turmeric powder), wheat flour, sunflower oil, binder (wheat fibre, wheat starch, wheat flour, gelling agent: sodium alginate (E401), salt, stabiliser: sodium phosphates (E339)), water, beer (2.6%) (water, barley malt, hop extract, hop).