New in our range: Le Duc Nacho Cheese Bites!

Bring the Mexican sunshine into your home with our new Nacho Cheese Bites! The well-known nachos dish now summarized in one crispy snack. Consisting of delicious firm melted cheese with a slightly spicy aftertaste! Serve with a fresh guacamole or tomato salsa, but also delicious in a salad or wrap.


  • Less Salt: 1.74 per 100 g
  • Less Sugar
  • No Flavours, only Spices
  • Firm melted Cheddar Cheese filling
  • Nuts-free production (no allergies)
  • Good taste for a broad targetgroupoup


  • Oven: 200°C 8-10 min
  • Airfryer: 180°C 5-6 min
  • Frituur: 175°C 2:30 min

Product facts:

  • Weight snack: 20-25g
  • Packaging CE: zak 1000g
  • Carton HE: 6x1000g

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